"...Headliners Dirty Money No. 5 provided the room with a funky ska set to draw the night to a close. In contrast to the madness of the previous set, their music reduced everyone to rhythmic swaying and some particularly quirky dance moves from a few individuals. The atmosphere that surrounded their set was very laid back and oozed of coolness and experience - they truly have mastered it and I couldn't think of a better way to end the night..."

Alisha from Radicals Rising

"...In the midst of smoke machine haze, Dirty Money No 5 bring the night to a close with a funk rock blend of pop-tinged tracks that get everybody in the venue moving. With Dirty Money, the feel of the performance is that this is one big celebration - and of course it is, their new album 'Have A Nice Week' is about to be released. And by performing album tracks like 'Bang Bang' and 'Start All Over', there's definitely a shared excitement in the room.
It's a party, and everybody is having fun because Dirty Money know how to make performances fun. The on-stage chemistry between the whole band is spectacular, with so many funny antics between the vocalist and bassist that it's hard to note any particular examples. Tonight is a night of genuine excitement, and you feel that in every move the band make on stage."

Fresh Beats 365

"Whilst the local 6 piece's new single 'Bang Bang' inherits that signature Ska sound within the rebounding buoyance of the guitars that vibrantly coil and spring to each vaulting beat, there is also a complete diversity to it, being refined in sections with edges of Rock'n'Roll and complemented wholly by a spirited vocal melody. And it's great to be saying all this; because those initial few seconds that opened the song almost propelled me into a stagnant state of terror; anticipating a song that roughly 100 Ska artists could mistakenly claim 'was theirs first' - However my assumptions were utterly shattered by the unique sound of 'Bang Bang', abolish your pre-conceptions on Ska and rip them up into tiny pieces; Dirty Money No. 5 definitely bring something new to the table."

FS (Radicals Rising)


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